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Built to perform, Built to last

We can guarantee you the best solution for your needs, whether you require quality chairs for offshore, shipping or office environments. Our highly competent team is ready to make sure that you will experience the best service possible by contacting us.

The future of chair design

Chairs are the centre of the maritime world. They’re where operations are conducted, decisions made and goals achieved. Good chairs provide good working environments. Bad chairs cause fatigue, discomfort and unacceptable performance.

Alu Design makes the market’s leading maritime seating. Chairs that set new standards in design, comfort, build quality and value. Our seats provide the best possible working environments, allowing operators to excel.

Think Design, Comfort & Value

We understand the intensive work environments which our products are required to perform in. Alu Design make great efforts to ensure that our products are truly the “Captain’s choice”. Our goal is to create an optimum working environment for the operator, prioritising the usability and functionality of each chair and accessory. Our increased customer base tells us we succeed. That´s why we can confidently say that our products deliver the best seating experience available!



Designed for tomorrow
– perfect for today

Alu Design is the industry choice in operator and pilot chairs. Critical roles demand the very best in design, ergonomics, comfort and suitability for the job.

Alu Design has also drawn attention from Hollywood. Paramount Pictures, Legendary Entertainment and Millennium Films identified Alu chairs to help bring their stories to life.  Our chairs feature in blockbuster movies Transformers, Star Trek, Godzilla and The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard.

Alu Design is synonymous with futuristic design concepts based around high quality and competitively priced unique seating solutions. Norwegian industrial design at its best!

Think future design

The starting point for any Alu Design chair is the end user. Our understanding of their industry and its challenges helps us put the operator in the driving seat-creating efficient and intuitive working environments.

Think future comfort

No one else combines usability, functionality and innovation with this level of comfort. Our ergonomic expertise allows us to create chairs that become a seamless extension of the user.

Think future quality

In an industry that is as dynamic as it is demanding, our customers have the certainty of knowing that their Alu Design chairs will deliver optimum performance far into the future.

Think future value

Our quality, design and comfort are second to none. However, continual investment in modern manufacturing techniques and smart product development mean we can offer them at a price that’s right.

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