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pilot chairs (1).jpg

Pilot chairs

A marine pilot is a mariner who helps maneuver ships through dangerous or congested waters such as harbors or river mouths. The pilots are direction-finding experts with understanding of the waterways and are authorized by the established pilotage authority.

Being a marine pilot requires boarding vessels at sea. It is a risky and demanding process so, the pilot needs to be reasonably fit, comfortable in working on the water, and at height. Along, with this, their seats should be ergonomic because they have to traverse the rough waters. 

At Alu Design, we offer the finest quality ergonomic pilot chairs for the maritime industry at competitive rates. Our pilot seats for sales are made using the latest ergonomic designs for high comfort and durability. 

We design our marine pilot chairs with a focus on a full range of adjustments to suit different body shapes, sizes, and comfort. The seat upholstery is made of leather and mounted on a shock-absorbing, robust pedestal providing a stable seating experience in all conditions. The backrest design provides support and is reclining. The armrests are padded, height-adjustable, and extra-wide as well as come with an optional armrest attachment for control equipment and cup holders. The seats also have a standard arrangement for operator devices and panels, angled at an optimal wrist position for maximum comfort.

The Alu Design pilot chair marine also has a pneumatic height adjustable footrest, and it rotates with the chair. The footrest is supported by a column offering stability when the chair is moved around and made of pressure die-cast, injection molded parts and extruded profiles for durability and robustness. 

Style and functionality are not enough, our range of pilot chairs are also tested as per the HSC (High-speed Craft) 2000, annex 10. 

For more information about our marine pilot chairs or product inquiry, please email us at

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