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There are malicious feasible causes that lead to printer offline error problems. The most common reason Printer Offline is enumerated underneath. Let’s have a quick glance:

· Miscommunication between printer and computer

· incomplete installation of printer driver and software

· Wireless network connectivity issue

· Printer not set as default

· The ‘Use printer offline’ option is checked in the Windows system

Hence, in order to bring your printer online from its offline state, you need to perform the following solving tricks:

· Check your printer, cables, and connections for any error related to it.

· Make sure, the system has a stable internet connection.

· always set the printer as a default.

· Remove all the pending print jobs if any are stuck.

· Disable the “Use Printer Offline” mode.

· Remove and reinstall the printer driver and software.

Now, you can hassle-freely print anything without receiving an offline error.



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