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Boat Helm Chairs

Nothing is more central to a safe and enjoyable boating trip than the helm. The helm deck's vital function is to provide a high level of vessel control and situational awareness. You can ride the boat standing up or sitting down. Standing lets you stretch and stay alert, but it is nice to sit down if you are on the wheel for long stretches. 

However, the problem is that most boats fitted with boat helm chairs are laid out poorly for seated driving. The boat helm seat may be too high or far back, not allowing you to comfortably reach the wheel and engine controls, thus increasing pressure on the back. Also, the captains chair boat seat may be too low to let you see over the helm console and bow properly. 

Alu Design can help you in this area. We design ergonomic marine helm seats that are perfect to improve the look of your boat while giving you and your guests a more enjoyable ride.  

We are dedicated to style, quality, and workmanship, thus provide our clients with the finest quality helmsman boat seats that enhance their comfort and boat's appearance. Using only the highest-quality materials and components, our line of helm seats for sale meets all the standard testing requirements to provide you with years of durability.

At Alu Design, we understand the importance of the highest standards of comfort and ergonomics. We know that seats are an essential part of your boat as it supports both crew and passengers to enable them to perform at their best. Therefore, we design marine chairs, commander chairs, and commander seats to be lightweight, ergonomic with mechanical suspension, and height-adjustable enabling you to reach the wheel and engine controls comfortably. Also, our captain boat seats for sale have a sliding system that allows you to sit comfortably in the steering position and slide far back enough enabling you to stand properly at the helm navigating the boat. 

We manufacture and supply the best boat helm seats with innovative design and technology that offer the utmost level of comfort. Our marine captains chair and captains helm chairs are upholstered with vinyl or leather fabric, features ergonomic seat bottom, adjustable footrest, and reclining back for absolute comfort. Other features include classic armchair comfort and ladderback design, rotational molded plastic frame, aluminum seat frame, seamless cushions, flip-up bolster for sitting or leaning, neck support integrated, lumbar support adjustment, and many more features.


Alu Design offers a wide range of boat seating to cater to all types of boats. Talk to us today to find out more about our helmsman boat seat, marine deck chairs, and other products we offer. Contact us at

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