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Bridge Chairs

Chairs are essential in the maritime world. They are where operations take place, decisions made, and goals achieved. Good ergonomic chairs provide a better working environment, are comfortable, cause no tiredness or unacceptable performance. 

Alu Design manufacturers the industry's leading maritime seating, and bridge seats are one of them. These chairs set new standards in design, comfort, usability, build quality, and value. Our ergonomic seats ensure a robust, flexible, and reliable ship operation, allowing operators to excel. 

Our bridge seats offer multiple benefits for the operator. The seats manufactured by us can easily slide between consoles, where all the ship controls are located. Or as a free-standing unit, back seat bridge with controls and screens fitted in the armrest for better maneuverability. 

The design of the bridge seats is made with a focus on a full range of adjustments to suit different body shapes, sizes, and comfort when occupied for long periods. Upholstery combines leather and Alcantara for freedom from sweatiness. The backrest design provides support and is reclining to offer the utmost comfort and support while increasing work productivity. The armrests are padded and height-adjustable as well as come with an optional armrest attachment for control equipment and cup holders. A standard arrangement for operator devices and panels is also included, angled at an optimal wrist alignment for maximum comfort and minimum strain.

The Alu Design bridge seats have a pneumatic height adjustable footrest, and it rotates with the chair. Also, the footrest is supported by a column offering stability when the chair is moved around. The footrest is made of pressure die-cast, injection molded parts, and extruded profiles for durability and robustness. 

The column of the bridge seat also offers pneumatic adjustment of sitting height as per the user's needs and is shock-absorbing to offer stability in rough water conditions. The column helps the chair rotate 355° and lock in any desired position. 

The Alu Design bridge seats and the back seat bridge is approved by the International Code of Safety for High-Speed Craft (HSC Code). The chairs have also been subjected to a series of drop tests for shock and durability checks.

Alu Design’s bridge seats are perfect for high-speed vessels, mounted on the universal suspension unit. We also offer attractive packages with various features integrated as standard allowing the clients to select from a choice of seat back styles, built on a universal seat base. 

With Alu Design bridge seats, operators enjoy ergonomic support on the high seas as the seats are highly sophisticated, functional, and extremely comfortable. All our chairs are manufactured adhering to strict ISO quality standards and the rules of major international classified societies and regulations. 

For more information on our bridge seats and back seat bridge, contact us today at

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