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About us

We deliver captain seats to ships worldwide, and we are very pleased that so many companies have recognized the usability, quality, and value of our products. No matter whether you call it a pilot chair, helm chair, navigator chair or operator seat, we have the chair for your vessel.


VARD SeaQ_edited.jpg
VARD SeaQ_edited.jpg

Work vessels

We can provide optional solutions that fulfill all requirements from comfort, durability, stable construction and design flexibility. We provide an overall quality which far exceeds that of our competitors in the work vessels that we service.

Offshore & Cranes

Our various operator are made to suit the versatile and unique needs for a sophisticated chair with armrest mounted equipment such as controls, monitors and much more.


In this broad segment, there are many different requirements depending on the owner or user. We focus on those who are interested in both functionality and quality with an ergonomic and modern design.

Navy, Coast Guard & Fast Ferries

We understand the intensive work environments which our products are required to perform in. Attention is focused on ensuring suitability with a product range that satisfies those demands. Our goal is to create an optimum working environment for the operator, prioritizing the usability and functionality of each boat chair and accessory.

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