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Marine Rov Chairs

Remotely Operated Vehicles or ROVs are unoccupied and highly maneuverable underwater machines. They help perform various jobs in the ocean while being operated by a technician at the water surface.

A typical setup of an ROV includes a control room where the operator remotely operates the vehicle using a joystick similar to a video game. ROV is connected to the ship with a group of cables, sending electrical signals back and forth among the operator and the vehicle. ROVs allow maritime investigators to investigate deep-ocean areas that humans cannot safely reach, and ROVs can stay underwater much longer than a human diver, expanding the time available for exploration.

With that said, the ROV operator needs to be at work for long hours, and the work cannot be achieved while standing. Thus, Alu Design offers high-quality ergonomic ROV seats. Our ROV seats are outfitted with a console for the operator to access during the demanding role. The control chair is futuristically styled with all the controls of the vessel or vehicle on the armrests. Ergonomically designed armrest control results in an operator to easily reach out to switches, buttons, or other things. They can remain seated and focused on the task as all the control units are on the chair. 

Our operator chairs for ROVs have an ultra-modern and sleek design with state-of-the-art molded aluminum chairs presenting operators with outstanding comfort and easy access to all controls. The chairs also feature fully integrated instrumentation, like the touch screen technology and low force joystick control. And thanks to its modular construction and molded parts, it is simple to install and maintain.

Moreover, Alu Design ROV seats are fully configurable as per the clients’ requirements. Thus, they form a convenient solution for the control of ROV machines and other maritime machinery. The chair system is designed in such a way that the position of all seat elements can be adjusted. It maximizes the operator’s seating comfort while reducing fatigue, and at the same time enhancing the focus on the work. Each operator control system is designed and manufactured with high quality and durable materials. 

Engineered to maximize control and comfort, the Alu Design ROV seats provide a variety of adjustments such as height, seat back, and distance forward and backward. Stylishly designed and lightweight, the Alu Design control chair is fully functional with spacious armrests offering enough room for the addition of controlling equipment required by the ROV operator. 

The chair comes with a sturdy flange with mounting holes for secure installation and swivels 360-degrees, with adjustable seatbacks and the seat includes a glider for forward and backward motion, lumbar support, and a seat cover. 

For more information on our ROV chairs, contact us today at Our expert team will help you with the information and offer a quote for our ergonomic

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marine rov chairs.jpg
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